freedom sleeves and strap trials complete

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  1. EnigmaCompl3x
    преди месец

    Devon wears 2 armwrestling straps.... let that sink in..

  2. Nate Polidoro
    Nate Polidoro
    преди 5 дни

    Impeccable lighting. Sarcasm aside, you're awesome and I can't wait for the fight.

  3. William Mills
    William Mills
    преди месец

    They should make a sleeve for your elbow. With a pad built in it. Like the pads on the tables.

  4. Bobby Zorn
    Bobby Zorn
    преди месец

    Devon I missed your gap toothy ass mug here in Toronto! You need better PR

  5. AMiNe LBJ
    AMiNe LBJ
    преди месец

    Devon "No Limits" Larratt 🍁

  6. Raditado
    преди месец

    Just ordered one.

  7. Schwepsable
    преди месец

    which steroids do you use Devon?

  8. Marco
    преди месец

    hey devon will we ever see more colabs with magnus and juji when things are better, hope your well man big fan from italy

  9. thexbigxgreen
    преди месец

    You should collab with Houston Jones!

    преди месец

    Devon, you are a symbol of naturallity and power for me :)

  11. BIG HOSS89
    BIG HOSS89
    преди месец

    Anybody know what time the chance and John match is Saturday?

  12. Jared Flanery
    Jared Flanery
    преди месец

    Just finished watching Larry’s video. Devon you should collab with Marcio soon. He looked super strong.

  13. pablos Tacos
    pablos Tacos
    преди месец

    Awesome update! i’ve just purchased mine from the website, i wonder how long it will take for it to get to australia 😅

  14. Anju Kumar
    Anju Kumar
    преди месец

    You are my favorite arm wrestler Devon. You are even my brother's favorite. All the best and best wishes from India.

  15. Lil Play and Relentless
    Lil Play and Relentless
    преди месец

    Who's better? This guy or schoolboy. Im new to all this.

  16. Abdullah Rehman
    Abdullah Rehman
    преди месец

    Arm wrestling at Olympics would be interesting

  17. Philly Dee
    Philly Dee
    преди месец


  18. Ryan Kozicki
    Ryan Kozicki
    преди месец

    I've gotten suggested arm wrestling videos to me lately. I'm fucking hooked. I remember seeing things about arm wrestling a few years ago, and I thought " This looks ridiculous and dumb". I never gave it a shot until a few days ago. It's such an awesome sport, and seeing everyone being so chill and good sports in tournaments are bar matches is awesome. You're my favorite by far. Loving the great vibes!

  19. lukas Hensley
    lukas Hensley
    преди месец

    I just ordered both. I think wearing the arm sleeve everywhere can be like a calling card for other arm wrestlers. Guy runs across parking lot "HEY I SAW YOUR SLEEVE LETS PULL"

  20. Fred Williams
    Fred Williams
    преди месец

    Can we buy this straps in Ottawa?

  21. DerStilleVonDerTanke
    преди месец

    I need to know who is the new guy from india? Okay nevermind there is already a video :D

  22. TheMightyPen
    преди месец

    Can't wait to get my arm sleeve! freedom is the best!

  23. le Gend
    le Gend
    преди месец

    A great idea to sell products with limited cheaper delivery would be through Amazon in Europe. Amazon will have a storage of Armbet products in EU. Makes it viable for customers and easy .and Australia of course 👏👍💪👌🤙🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞💪

  24. ravenscrow b
    ravenscrow b
    преди месец

    careful armwrestling random people on the streets, mike got covid from doing that

  25. le Gend
    le Gend
    преди месец

    Have you tried a hard core Velcro ? Instead of a buckle ?

  26. Arm Warriors
    Arm Warriors
    преди месец

    Devon Larratt = greatest ambassador the sport will ever see.

  27. m akrapovic
    m akrapovic
    преди месец

    Hello Devon you come in France saturday ?

  28. Rich Sharp
    Rich Sharp
    преди месец

    I also like the neoprene elbo sleeves , kinda like what Larry wheels uses. But not so tight like he has them for lifting. Just a snug fit They have good cushion and keep the heat in your elbow

  29. B L O B
    B L O B
    преди месец

    Looks like crap to me.

  30. pEoN
    преди месец

    Devon, I want to buy a no limits hoodie but can't find a size guide anywhere. What size do you wear normally before you touch the top of the mountain.

    1. Scarlett Grey
      Scarlett Grey
      преди месец

      What, did you use a Grizzley bear to size it? I'm 6'3" 255 and I would swim in a 5xl. Unless that's Aliexpress sizing in which case, sign me up.

    2. Devon Larratt
      Devon Larratt
      преди месец

      i go 5xl

  31. DrHideInet
    преди месец

    Can't wait to order these once the shipping for EU is sorted out, I'll go ham

  32. salam salamati
    salam salamati
    преди месец

    خسته نباشی ، خوشتیپ

  33. ItsCooper -
    ItsCooper -
    преди месец

    you don’t use it just on table with no protection padding because of a stuff up your bones or something hey Devon

  34. ItsCooper -
    ItsCooper -
    преди месец

    That would be cool

  35. ItsCooper -
    ItsCooper -
    преди месец

    What’s next arm bet jumpers

  36. ItsCooper -
    ItsCooper -
    преди месец

    Does it damage your wrist tendons everyone’s each their own 👍

  37. jigglymabob
    преди месец

    hey Devon you ever gave Foot Wrestling a try?

  38. Mark Charles
    Mark Charles
    преди месец

    Gotta get me a couple of them straps I'm using a leather belt with a hole cut in the end lol , people I know this is off subject but I have been doing pronation etc fir a couple of months now and the bones in my left arm are actually aching is it because I'm doing too much too heavy weights etc any info will be appreciated.

  39. Shaun Gaming
    Shaun Gaming
    преди месец

    There should be arm wrestling in olympics

  40. Creed
    преди месец

    I had to slow down the video when you were pulling out the strap from your trousers. 😂

  41. Kevin L Westerbeck
    Kevin L Westerbeck
    преди месец

    By chance John's going to win this one!

  42. Martino doni
    Martino doni
    преди месец

    That's strap seems legit man

  43. Jesse Emons
    Jesse Emons
    преди месец

    Devon has small arms

  44. Armwrestling Strongman fan
    Armwrestling Strongman fan
    преди месец


  45. Beau Edgar
    Beau Edgar
    преди месец

    I wish we could get our order to ship right from armbet, I now have 3 XL hoodies, just trying to get an XL and they send me XL over and over...

  46. Jatin Tiwari
    Jatin Tiwari
    преди месец

    I want " No Limits " - Devon larratt written on it and I'd buy all of em...... 😤😤

  47. tonydacosta413
    преди месец

    If I buy one of each and PP you 100.00 can I get an autographed set?...... I bet thousands of people would do that

  48. Onder Ata
    Onder Ata
    преди месец

    noooo lliiiiimmiiiitttttt

  49. 12GaugeMage
    преди месец

    More Freedom stuff, i like it 😎💪

  50. LackedBetterName
    преди месец

    Am I the only one that doesn't armwrestle yet still watches every single one of Devon's videos?

    преди месец

    Can we have🤝 armwrestling💪 in the olympics👈 thank you please🤛

  52. Frames Janco
    Frames Janco
    преди месец

    you have inspired me to arm wrestle my boss and coworkers! they have a much deeper appreciation for me now

  53. Rocky Top Splash
    Rocky Top Splash
    преди месец

    Devon buddy.. just wanted to say. I've seen you on tv events quiet a bit. 1st impression, what a freaking jerk. Wanted to learn more about you, started watching everything with your name on it. Have to say... I was wrong. Your a hard working dude that deserves nothing but the best. I appreciate your positive attitude and all your doing for your passion of arm wrestling. I hope someday some how our paths cross. It be an awesome experience to meet you I'm sure. Best of luck to you in all you do buddy.

  54. YouTube Viewer
    YouTube Viewer
    преди месец

    Putting in my order for 2x both. My buddy needs some gear as well. 👌❤️💪

  55. Tu Truong
    Tu Truong
    преди месец

    When his kids are in trouble and he pulls out that belt. You know what that means. Not today, son.

  56. DennisTheMenace
    преди месец

    Use to love arm wrestling growing up in school. Got yelled at by the principle for doing it lol 😆 I think it’s pretty awesome how the arm wrestling is really taking off and really becoming a respectable sport more and more. Let’s be real, men are men, and they like to blow steam, they like to show brute strength, channel aggression etc… I’ve never been a fan of the UFC stuff or boxing etc. I feel like, yeah it lets people get out their aggression etc; but it does it at a cost of inflicting harm on an individual. Whereas arm wrestling, it’s a stand. A stand for a matter of seconds to no more then minutes; where you can expel 100% of what you got, till there is a winner or a loser, and at the end, unless an unexpected injury occurs, nobody has to be intentionally hurt. It also seems that the guys always respect each other and shake hands after. That’s my take on. Cool video Devon. How do you even begin competing as an arm wrestler?

    1. Devon Larratt
      Devon Larratt
      преди месец

      get on armbet :)

  57. Mike Ross
    Mike Ross
    преди месец

    Devon can you please talk to Matt Mask about facing Ryan Bowen. It would be huge for the sport. And with Ryan seemingly getting stronger and Matt recently taking a loss to Ermes it would be a great way to see where these two guys sit in the rankings. And either way the fans are going to win. Both these guys seem to have great sportsmanship. It would be a great match.

    1. Mike Ross
      Mike Ross
      преди месец

      Thanks for the “Like” dude. Sending lots of love and strength to you from Vancouver island

  58. TCarstens1
    преди месец

    Why not a strap that goes through an end so you can sinch it down but then velcro it? It won't loosen during a match that way. No?

  59. B. Reezy
    B. Reezy
    преди месец

    Just ordered the 1.5in strap👌🏾 Thanks Devon ! You're the best

  60. ima Dylan
    ima Dylan
    преди месец

    That shirt though. Epic

  61. MARK G
    MARK G
    преди месец

    I was hoping for an Orange sleeve with a pumpkin on it

  62. Juan Alvarez WestSideArms
    Juan Alvarez WestSideArms
    преди месец

    Party arm ain’t got shit on that sick pumpkin power

  63. Iron Born
    Iron Born
    преди месец

    Devon I love your promotion of the sport. Thank you for giving me strength and the determination to get fucking MASSIVE. Thank you 💪🇨🇦

  64. Andrew M
    Andrew M
    преди месец

    "I'm comfortable with this amount of protection" Devon Larratt

  65. ExiaDeNovo
    преди месец

    Personally, I don't like freedom arm wrestling

  66. Adam Blakeley
    Adam Blakeley
    преди месец

    Over in water town ny please hook it up

  67. Otarr
    преди месец

    Arm wrestling should be in the Olympic Games!

  68. Glen Ralph
    Glen Ralph
    преди месец

    Devon, in light of the current Olympics, I am proud to say that I place you as one of Canada's greatest athletes off all time.

  69. Ronin Unleashed
    Ronin Unleashed
    преди месец

    While you only have an inch and a half, you are still my favorite arm wrestler bro 😁🤪

    1. Ronin Unleashed
      Ronin Unleashed
      преди месец

      @Anurag Rajashekar cool, I'm in the 500 club! I guess I have been quite active for several years..

    2. Anurag Rajashekar
      Anurag Rajashekar
      преди месец

      Damn you have 504 comments on this channel😳

  70. Slam happy fun time
    Slam happy fun time
    преди месец


    1. Slam happy fun time
      Slam happy fun time
      преди месец

      Great thing to carry with you... I ain’t that great but I love the sport..that sleeve is awesome

  71. popeye x💪🏾
    popeye x💪🏾
    преди месец

    Soo when is this devon vs levon match?

  72. Slam happy fun time
    Slam happy fun time
    преди месец

    Thank you for the advise... sheer do I get one? Sorry I drink a lot

    1. Slam happy fun time
      Slam happy fun time
      преди месец

      I remember arm wrestling my teachers coaches all the grown men when I was in seventh eighth grade . In the desks too! They all got smashed by the way

    2. Devon Larratt
      Devon Larratt
      преди месец

    3. Slam happy fun time
      Slam happy fun time
      преди месец

      Where do I get one sorry this phone

  73. popeye x💪🏾
    popeye x💪🏾
    преди месец

    Dude you have a huge bubble vain on your forarm

  74. Tjasse Martins
    Tjasse Martins
    преди месец

    Perfect pitch Devo, no BS just passion and belief in the product. WAYTOOSTRONG

  75. Jason Nester
    Jason Nester
    преди месец

    Hey Devon best wishes from ohio

  76. Mike Clements
    Mike Clements
    преди месец

    If that strap said " dads move" in ordering one! Ya sales stong armor!

  77. willson
    преди месец

    You should make a limited edition singed Strap ? that would sell well?

  78. KShark236
    преди месец

    Anyone else notice the strap belt underneath the strap belt he pulled off? 😂

    1. Devon Larratt
      Devon Larratt
      преди месец

      Double strapped. Good eye

  79. Holy
    преди месец

    What no devon larratt no limits getting massive action figure?

  80. Gabriel Gumabon
    Gabriel Gumabon
    преди месец

    Thanks for informing us, champ! Stay strong and keep pulling 💪.

  81. Martin Robillard
    Martin Robillard
    преди месец

    👍👍🤝🤝💪 nothing for nothing

  82. Jordonius
    преди месец

    Hey Devon. lookin huge, man!

  83. maidenrulz73
    преди месец

    I used to use snare wire for a strap.....,I don’t advise it

  84. Monkey Super
    Monkey Super
    преди месец

    Strong dad 💪

  85. Andrew Van Schaick
    Andrew Van Schaick
    преди месец

    still looking massive Devon

  86. Jay Rev
    Jay Rev
    преди месец

    I went to david nino Rodriguez channel (former boxer) and told him he should arm wrestle you. You guys are the same height too btw!

  87. Glenn Pettersen
    Glenn Pettersen
    преди месец

    Finaly i can order your strap! been using mazurenko and poundforpound, like the pound so much better then the mazu one, but i have faith in your wider strap!

  88. Keyless 123
    Keyless 123
    преди месец

    Thanks for changing the strap! Yeah I felt the first version really messed up my wrist nerves, Luckily the pain is gone 💪

  89. Gary Day
    Gary Day
    преди месец

    Neon green arm sleeves

  90. Spencer Davis
    Spencer Davis
    преди месец

    Bought a couple straps! I'm so happy cx

  91. Richard Morris
    Richard Morris
    преди месец

    Glad I discovered the channel , Matts too.

  92. Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson
    преди месец

    Devons looking massssive he's got years left yet I don't think anyone's gonna wanna pull him if you do read this Dev you are the reason I'm into it it'll be a sad day when you hang up that strap there should be a film after I mean your story is great and now at my age after the illness but I did call it I said to my son and daughter he ain't showing us his real training fkin genius man you are the master technician 💯% I could go on but I might make your head as big as your pumpkin's cos mate your looking lean with the massiveness I really can't wait to see how you look for your next match when I saw Levan do the strap thing I thought fk this guy's been on steds since birth but you have it all right shut the fk up Andy give ya ass a chance lol

    1. numi numful
      numi numful
      преди месец

      use commas and periods next time

    2. Sherry Lucid
      Sherry Lucid
      преди месец

      You wrote the whole comment without a single punctuation, which makes it totally unreadable.

    3. Andrew Johnson
      Andrew Johnson
      преди месец

      @Adam Read I think I no what your saying but so I don't mk myself look like a right nanna .

    4. Adam Read
      Adam Read
      преди месец

      Hell of a run-on sentence, Andrew.

  93. Czarkazm
    преди месец

    Bro, nothing about Michael Todd having Covid?

  94. Captain ramius
    Captain ramius
    преди месец

    1 movant at a time

  95. Valente Medina
    Valente Medina
    преди месец

    I said ‘holy shit he’s huge’ in the first few seconds of this video felt kinda sus

  96. Avitar Magnus
    Avitar Magnus
    преди месец

    looks great Please if I might add put the Canadian Flag on them my God we need that Devon!!! THANKS

  97. Alejandro Ruiz
    Alejandro Ruiz
    преди месец

    Where’s the Special Edition Larratt Green products?

  98. OrdinaryGamer
    преди месец

    Hey Devon have you been in touch with Michael ? Heard he is getting better but still has pneumonia

  99. Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker
    преди месец

    The sleeve could come in green, blue and yellow.

  100. Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed
    преди месец

    Devon is the Khabib of arm wrestling - dominant yet humble, honest and always propping up new comers. Respect from Karachi, Pakistan 👍