grippler vs porkchop

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@Curtis Cameron

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  1. OldManGreen
    преди месец

    Gladkaya has been dethroned as Booty Queen.

    1. Devan Laginashvili
      Devan Laginashvili
      преди месец

      He thicc boi

    2. The Natty Bros
      The Natty Bros
      преди месец


  2. Martin Rivera
    Martin Rivera
    преди 29 дни

    Grippler has to get into a diet

  3. //NocRaJ// CowboBreaker
    //NocRaJ// CowboBreaker
    преди месец

    good job porkchop but 2 first round he fooled two times

    преди месец

    I met grippler when his son came to my highschool for a basketball tournament and I was reffing. We talked about arm wrestling and I didn't believe how good he was until I saw the size of his forearm ! This was back in 2012.

  5. Fabrizio Furlan
    Fabrizio Furlan
    преди месец

    Curtis put on a show

    преди месец

    Man porkchop is the future champ I can see it he's getting good

  7. UnReAL jay
    UnReAL jay
    преди месец

    BROOO . porkchop killed

  8. Kenny No Limits Omega-Larratt
    Kenny No Limits Omega-Larratt
    преди месец

    Wow Devon look what you've help create with Pork Chop! Dude's stronger and more impressive every time I see him pull.💪🏼🇨🇦

  9. Mario micuc
    Mario micuc
    преди месец

    Pork Chop vs. Schoolboy

  10. Grace Through Faith
    Grace Through Faith
    преди месец

    Pork Chop Vs Marcio Hook match, who ya got???

  11. Evil Inside
    Evil Inside
    преди месец

    Ian looks like he was in pain.

    преди месец

    was that filmed with nokia 3510???

  13. BFH
    преди месец

    Talk about a mismatch.

  14. potentx01
    преди месец

    Someone's been eating their pancakes!

  15. Nick Berman
    Nick Berman
    преди месец

    Every match on here Porkchop lifted his elbow off the pad, not sure if it would have made a big difference, but it was clearly visible. Only got called 1 time.

  16. Deceptive Autobot
    Deceptive Autobot
    преди месец

    Porkchop and Tugboat gotta happen bro!

  17. Clouds Fire
    Clouds Fire
    преди месец

    Athlete versus beer gut 😲😆

  18. Erick Giovanni Meza Cota
    Erick Giovanni Meza Cota
    преди месец

    Wow! Porkchop esta increíblemente mas fuerte! Precia un Toro al Asecho! imponente enorme y seguro!

  19. Saguim Maré
    Saguim Maré
    преди месец

    Devon do you think, any of these two monsters could beat current bad shape Denis Cyplenkov?

  20. aaronrus
    преди месец

    Does Ian know how to toproll?!

  21. Νιck Stergiou
    Νιck Stergiou
    преди месец

    eric spoto is waiting you porkchop and other heavy duty athletes

  22. Keyless 123
    Keyless 123
    преди месец

    He had nothing for 🥩

    преди месец

    apparently they don’t teach class here in Canada

  24. JC
    преди месец

    total disappointment with the video quality and after Devons building them up. neither looked good. Not at the pro level. C`mon Devon, let's hear the truth about these guys and no bs.

  25. Tyrone Carrigan
    Tyrone Carrigan
    преди месец

    Pork chop elbow fouled several times..

  26. Thomas1x
    преди месец

    elbow foul on porkchop on near enough all the matches lmao, shit refs

  27. Classic Monty
    Classic Monty
    преди месец

    Was this filmed on an android

  28. Mythagoras
    преди месец

    Goodness gracious

  29. LilKovy101
    преди месец

    Wow! Great match!

  30. Stellular Nebulla
    Stellular Nebulla
    преди месец

    Muscle over Fat Edit: And like it was nothing...

  31. Matt Gaspari-Bee Mask
    Matt Gaspari-Bee Mask
    преди месец

    I think Corey West vs Chance Shaw

  32. Rage Conquers All
    Rage Conquers All
    преди месец

    Grippler - High Myostatin Pork Chop - Low Myostatin

  33. Lom Bardy
    Lom Bardy
    преди месец

    I don't think I have ever watched an Ian Carnegie match where he has won against another pro, can someone point me to a few?

    1. AirSpan
      преди месец

      He pinned Mike ayello but lost the match, all I know of

    2. John Milne
      John Milne
      преди месец

      He's beaten Travis Bagent. You might be able to find it somewhere

  34. karwoski91
    преди месец

    Damn those two fine girls!!!

  35. Rui Caratão
    Rui Caratão
    преди месец

    Pork Chop is now Hog Chop

  36. S-Sen
    преди месец

    He could v well Be in the Eric spoto Dave Chaffee realm of power

  37. Dan Hammarström
    Dan Hammarström
    преди месец

    The Porkinator

  38. reerayz
    преди месец

    Cool stuff, but many elbow faults...congrats to the winner. Strong Pork Chop!

  39. Nerline Fortune
    Nerline Fortune
    преди месец

    C’était ma première fois j’aimerais bien renouveler l’expérience. Proud of you @Curtis my Pork Chop 😘

  40. Syed Syclone
    Syed Syclone
    преди месец

    I love that everyone was a fanboy at the end. #wayofthegiantpumpkin

  41. Marcus
    преди месец

    I Would really like to see Pork Chop vs Bowen

  42. Shiv Kumar Pandey
    Shiv Kumar Pandey
    преди месец

    The same pork chop , badly crushed by devon few months ago.

  43. Haagen Neldeberg
    Haagen Neldeberg
    преди месец

    Why aren't you competing yourself? You compete almost as little as Eric Spoto, and he doesn't compete at all.

  44. alonewcompany
    преди месец

    Porkchop is looking GOOD!

  45. Andy Boskovski Armwrestling
    Andy Boskovski Armwrestling
    преди месец

    Curtis is pork chop but Ian pulled pork

  46. Zulloa
    преди месец

    Is it me or has Curtis put on a ton of weight since his debut on Devons channel

  47. Jorge ag
    Jorge ag
    преди месец

    Porkchop scalating thats fire 🔥💪

  48. Jasmin M
    Jasmin M
    преди месец

    Fat man playing

  49. Sean XxX
    Sean XxX
    преди месец

    Ian needs to take care of himself man!

  50. Rakyat WMMT
    Rakyat WMMT
    преди месец

    This footage taken in 2004

  51. Bar
    преди месец

    Pork chop vs the gorilla.

  52. Joshua Stegen
    Joshua Stegen
    преди месец

    Is this that world record bench presser ?

    1. Siberius Wolf
      Siberius Wolf
      преди месец

      Nah that's Scott Mendelson. If I'm thinking of the right guy you have in mind.

  53. Travis Riggs
    Travis Riggs
    преди месец

    The Grippler looking like the Hamburgerler.

  54. the unkown mr.
    the unkown mr.
    преди месец

    Pork chop lifted his elbow in the last round. A foul should have been called but it would have only delayed the inevitable.

  55. sangsang-i
    преди месец

    The gripler needs to eat a sald

  56. _P-i-V_ *
    _P-i-V_ *
    преди месец

    TO "MR GRIPPLER!" don't worry about your loss bro. u me and most other people know he's a monster and looks like he's on a perfect trajectory if he continues to do right weight sets like he looks like he is. Peace ✌💪

  57. pi joh
    pi joh
    преди месец

    Pork chops gonna become the next arsen liliev

  58. HypernanoX 900
    HypernanoX 900
    преди месец

    Pork chop vs school boy

  59. Ade BiH
    Ade BiH
    преди месец

    ian really let himself go that can't be good for him

  60. Praveen Kumar Reddy
    Praveen Kumar Reddy
    преди месец

    Pork chop vs Corey west

  61. elcapo555
    преди месец

    more versus a week is better than WAL

  62. Jared The Actor
    Jared The Actor
    преди месец

    I’m sure he’s strong but the Grippler just looks like a fat slob lol

  63. dandholmes
    преди месец

    I’ve been watching a little of the olympics lately( having not watched them since I was young) and they have quite a few new events. What I don’t understand is why they haven’t included arm wrestling? What do we have to do to get it accepted?

    1. Narrow Path
      Narrow Path
      преди месец

      I bet more people watch armwrestling on youtube than curling for example..

    2. 虎嘯魘魅
      преди месец

      @Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela That's just because the Olympics Committee isn't perfect. There's internal bureaucracy and they make mistakes. I am only saying that they are trying to pick events people will watch.

    3. Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela
      Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela
      преди месец

      @虎嘯魘魅 Theres some ridiculously shitty and weird sports in the olympics that are incredibly niche and unprofitable.

    4. 虎嘯魘魅
      преди месец

      @fede9603 In short: Yes. Judo is not popular outside of Japan, but is the closest thing to a full body arm wrestling sport which exists, matches are frequently much longer than in arm wrestling and while in arm wrestling it takes an experienced viewer to understand why the match is being started and stopped over and over, in Judo it's easy enough for random people to know that the guy getting thrown on the ground is the loser. As for the shooting events, those are ancient at the Olympics and the current Olympics Committee probably considers including them a huge mistake.

    5. fede9603
      преди месец

      @虎嘯魘魅 is armwrestling really less entertaining than shooting? Or those weird martial arts...

  64. Trouble Tony
    Trouble Tony
    преди месец

    They pulled some babies at the start

  65. Joshua Stephens
    Joshua Stephens
    преди месец

    Pumpkin 🎃

  66. NSL
    преди месец

    Really need running fouls for these matches.

  67. Kool Burn
    Kool Burn
    преди месец

    Ian hasn't been active correct? Would love to see Pork Chop against our Mega Mike in SoCal.

  68. Haritsa N
    Haritsa N
    преди месец

    Curtis looks so intimidating!

  69. Lethal Arms Network
    Lethal Arms Network
    преди месец

    Very dominant

  70. John Davis
    John Davis
    преди месец

    I want pork chop vs blue. Canada for the win

  71. Legacy Hammer Holder
    Legacy Hammer Holder
    преди месец

    I feel this version of pork chop would have done much better against Rick H

    1. Lady Astolat
      Lady Astolat
      преди месец

      Rick is to strong and would wreck porkroid

  72. Nikita Бабанов
    Nikita Бабанов
    преди месец

    Starving for Eric Spoto vs any high level NA puller.

    1. Bruce Dressel
      Bruce Dressel
      преди месец

      Marcio needs some activity.

  73. The Armwrestling Opinion
    The Armwrestling Opinion
    преди месец

    I think Porkchop is finally ready to challenge Shaq

    преди месец

    Pork chop will crush Chance Shaw.

  75. biscaynediver
    преди месец

    Way, way, way to strong.

  76. John Braucher
    John Braucher
    преди месец

    I don't think many are going to be able to hook chop in the next year. I mean literally, look at his fucking girth. Lol

  77. John Braucher
    John Braucher
    преди месец

    Curtis looking absolutely MASSIVE.

  78. John Braucher
    John Braucher
    преди месец

    I can't find this anywhere I had to search pretty deep, hopefully we get this out more.

  79. ya nutz
    ya nutz
    преди месец


  80. Syed Hamza
    Syed Hamza
    преди месец

    devon just watch carefully porkchop also did an elbow fowl just after grippler did

  81. Juliussmoothie
    преди месец

    Grippler has gotten himself an African queen nice

  82. Mark Hoag
    Mark Hoag
    преди месец

    Great Match! I was really expecting that outcome honestly.

  83. David Tomes
    David Tomes
    преди месец


  84. YeahClickClack
    преди месец

    Devon is going to look like Grippler with muscles when he takes on Levan. Going to be dope.

  85. YeahClickClack
    преди месец

    Pork chop vs Brzenk then?

    1. Run
      преди месец

      so hard to predict

  86. Richard Jennex
    Richard Jennex
    преди месец

    Omg videos that your putting out are pretty good but I think you need some tips from Jody lol and what a match pork chop is a beast of a man

  87. barefoot MTB
    barefoot MTB
    преди месец

    Pork chop vs the gorilla

    преди месец

    Who read griper?

  89. Harvey_Weenstain
    преди месец

    This match was 🔥🔥🔥

  90. McGillicuddy
    преди месец

    Curtis just too strong

  91. Rick Savage
    Rick Savage
    преди месец

    How about crippling diabetes 🤔

  92. Rick Savage
    Rick Savage
    преди месец

    Don't you guys see pork chop training in his living room? Don't fuck with him :)

  93. Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson
    преди месец

    I see a tag team match coming up

  94. Matt 246
    Matt 246
    преди месец

    I feel kind of bad for Ian. He looked like he was in terrible shape. He looks like he was in pain. I hope he gets a little more lean and healthy

    1. Marcus Bailey
      Marcus Bailey
      преди 27 дни

      @儿子们快上线 Yeah I cut drinking out through the week and the weight fell off me, feel 100x better too... Starring to cut down on weekends now aswell.

    2. 儿子们快上线
      преди месец

      dude drinks 24/7

  95. Rock City
    Rock City
    преди месец

    You dont have a prayer in Vegas. Porkchop. Well see about that !! Great fight

  96. Chrono Commander
    Chrono Commander
    преди месец

    Pork Chop must have had a side of special apple sauce. 💪

  97. Lord Commander
    Lord Commander
    преди месец

    Did Ian train at all? ugh

  98. Cliff English
    Cliff English
    преди месец

    Pork Chop the tiki bar king

  99. Vida Loca Vlogs
    Vida Loca Vlogs
    преди месец

    Pork chop needs to arm wrestle someone at a more elite level no offense to grippler.

  100. Josh the Flat Earth Jedi
    Josh the Flat Earth Jedi
    преди месец

    Grappler almost looks like he forgot how to armwrestler

    1. Nikita Бабанов
      Nikita Бабанов
      преди месец

      @Rick Wilson Shaq match was a joke btw where grippler gave the win. The grippler has bested pullers like Tom Nelson before and had wars with Mike Ayello.

    2. Rick Wilson
      Rick Wilson
      преди месец

      did he ever know how? Jesus people that never arm wrestled before in their life have beaten him.