introducing Mohammed Asif Razwi

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if u are an Indian armwrestler.. see what's possible.. he could have more potential than anyone I have ever seen.
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  1. Devon Larratt
    Devon Larratt
    преди месец

    a lot of people think im trolling in this vid - im not

    1. Drone Adventures
      Drone Adventures
      преди 8 дни

      Your outta your mind bro... his knees bend backwards!!

    2. Lance Leverage
      Lance Leverage
      преди месец

      ahhhahahaha i totally lost it when you clicked play on his videos thanks for the laugh sir.

    3. alilacherruse
      преди месец

      @Stellular Nebulla i do not know either.

    4. Stellular Nebulla
      Stellular Nebulla
      преди месец

      @alilacherruse Huh, not sure why he hearted your comment. Maybe it's to show he understands what you mean?

    5. Jking 0.o
      Jking 0.o
      преди месец

      @David Dittrich 💯 spot on. Some disabilities *could* become an advantage. Like with the people he named. But this kid's hands are the type of disability that would be a massive disadvantage. Not being closed minded. That's just how it goes sometimes. Wish him all the best either way.

  2. Aether Paul
    Aether Paul
    преди 24 дни

    I think um people dont get the incentive of this video. Hopefully it brings some ppopularity to the kids life. It would be interesting to know if the joints are as large as the fingers, and also circulation would be an issue but it theres always room for potential with diet, training and surgery.

  3. Dynam0
    преди 26 дни

    Man's got rubber chickens for hands

  4. Nate Polidoro
    Nate Polidoro
    преди 29 дни

    very interesting specimen

  5. Dummychum
    преди месец

    This ain't real btw.

  6. SkaterLauro
    преди месец

    how i would beat this dude if i was a pro armwrestler: switch grip to one of his fingers and snap that shit. Whatever it takes to win

  7. Zoran
    преди месец

    What's the point here, why are u making fun of him lol

  8. Ioan Radulescu
    Ioan Radulescu
    преди месец

    Steroids maybe???

  9. TX sam
    TX sam
    преди месец

    Imagine if he slapped you with those 2 clubs

  10. s j
    s j
    преди месец


  11. Happy World
    Happy World
    преди месец

    at what point does this stop, you can also train a silverback to do armwrestling maybe, so whats the point, its like letting fight a 60kg vs 120kg, the advantage is to huge, it comes always to money making and views like in a circus and has nothing to do with fair sport anymore.

  12. Devon Brown
    Devon Brown
    преди месец

    Lol you wouldn't even be able to grip his hand let alone him gripping yours.. way too fucking big. Automatically disqualified lol.

  13. Pullers Inc.
    Pullers Inc.
    преди месец

    damn that canadian weed must be good lol

  14. MasTer DJ James
    MasTer DJ James
    преди месец

    Devon his arm would brake easy he never lifts like everyone else he probably can't even curl 30lb

  15. Hunter Harison
    Hunter Harison
    преди месец


  16. M.A. Antonin
    M.A. Antonin
    преди месец

    The dude will need surgeries. He doesn't seem to be able to move his fingers. If he can start moving them then maybe.

  17. Yeah No
    Yeah No
    преди месец


  18. Hammer Ham
    Hammer Ham
    преди месец

    Dev this is fucked up. How high were you when you made this

  19. Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner
    преди месец

    I think you're giving the kid false hope

  20. Michael Kline
    Michael Kline
    преди месец


  21. Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner
    преди месец

    If a world class surgeon worked on his hands when he was still young and growing I think the hands could be functional today with a lot of rehab and consistent training. But I mean look at those hands the fingers are pointing in totally different directions he cannot even make a fist. I don't think you can "repair" them at this point

  22. Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner
    преди месец

    His hands look like the face huggers from the Alien movies

  23. Lahey Bobandy
    Lahey Bobandy
    преди месец


  24. New New
    New New
    преди месец

    If he lifted his finger he could poke your eye out

  25. M D
    M D
    преди месец

    hahaha the "Matthias call" - Devon you are such a joker :P

  26. AutomaticSnake
    преди месец

    Idk men... that looks total deformation. Struggle to lift his own hands lol

  27. Ace
    преди месец

    What the FUCK is this , disliked .

    1. Otto Hellman
      Otto Hellman
      преди месец

      i disliked your mom

  28. SeemsLikeSomething
    преди месец

    Devon might be pro at mind games when it comes to getting in people’s heads at the table, but he’s a sincere guy and only means to encourage this young man. Maybe he knows that the disability would make it nearly impossible, but sometimes that’s not the point. People never want to hear that they “can’t” do something. Even when it’s true. Encouragement always goes further than discouragement. I’m sure that’s the exclusive intent here. So stop saying it’s mean spirited because it isn’t.

  29. Leighton Ivy
    Leighton Ivy
    преди месец


  30. Brian Lott
    Brian Lott
    преди месец

    The question is how does he wipe after using the bathroom

  31. BIG ERN
    преди месец

    Why is it always overseas?

  32. Matthias
    преди месец

    Haha, hilarious seeing that phone call. Matthias aint too popular of a name in North America.

  33. Syed Mohammed
    Syed Mohammed
    преди месец

    Every move this dude makes, automatically becomes a Dad move...

  34. Melodic metal ❤️
    Melodic metal ❤️
    преди месец

    Referees grip would be opponent grabbing 1 FINGER!!

  35. thePrawdy
    преди месец


  36. Random Palmtop Gaming
    Random Palmtop Gaming
    преди месец

    Not sure if joking

  37. Wild Willy
    Wild Willy
    преди месец

    Come on Devon..... how would people be able to grip with him? Hold onto his fucking thumb? Lmao

  38. randomadmin
    преди месец

    Needs to hang out with Jeff Dabe for a week and pick up some giant hand techniques.

  39. IcEMyst Private
    IcEMyst Private
    преди месец

    This dude's wife...

  40. Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar
    преди месец

    Hey, thanks devon😍

  41. Brian Lott
    Brian Lott
    преди месец

    Devon I'm going to disagree about arm wrestling for this kid, But however i do think a slapping competition would be much better for the kid

  42. Brian Lott
    Brian Lott
    преди месец

    Imagine the gang signs he could throw

  43. Brian Lott
    Brian Lott
    преди месец

    Be like arm wrestling an alien 👽

  44. Jackbob
    преди месец

    I dunno what kind of canadian weed you getting, but that shit ain't working out for you mate. Or maybe it is working too good. The kid is clearly entirely disabled in his hands and his bones seem misformed beyond all help.

  45. Toby Peters
    Toby Peters
    преди месец

    I dont think this kid can even make a fist sadly, i doubt he can train his forearms at all, your either trolling devon which seems cruel to this kid or your being dumb and dont know it but remember also most of the best arm wresters ever are not genetic anomaly's

  46. iTz BryZer
    iTz BryZer
    преди месец

    he could be good at fingering but not arm wrestling, i don't believe it

  47. Slack
    преди месец

    cant believe you're promoting a severely deformed kid as some kind of armwrestling 'find' smh

  48. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1977
    Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1977
    преди месец

    Gods gift? I would kill myself

    1. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1977
      Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1977
      преди месец

      @ronnie millsap he´s happy because he´s extreme religious. Probs for him tho but i personally would have jumped of a bridge

    2. ronnie millsap
      ronnie millsap
      преди месец

      you're a terrible person. watch his video and see how happy he is....its amazing how terrible you are!

  49. Pry x
    Pry x
    преди месец

    Look at the elbow joint on his left....all fk'd up

  50. Mathieu Fredette
    Mathieu Fredette
    преди месец

    He drank from the river.

  51. Jingle My Berries
    Jingle My Berries
    преди месец

    I bet the girls love him

  52. Yesitsa Windup
    Yesitsa Windup
    преди месец

    Indian genetics are sooooo fucked up. Whenever I hear about some weird ass abnormalities I think India? And I'm right 90% of the time...

  53. CHILL G
    преди месец

    Imagine going into a hook and not even seeing your forearm anymore 😂

  54. Walter Cummings
    Walter Cummings
    преди месец

    I remember this kid when he and his parents first was trying to figure out why his hands grew so big while he was such a small boy he got bullied but one smack from this kid and its over lol

  55. Emil Fit
    Emil Fit
    преди месец

    Stop trolling

  56. Mây
    преди месец

    I think he is sick

  57. Andrew Ryder
    Andrew Ryder
    преди месец

    Lolz, devooooon you fucken wing nut

  58. Riff Dagg
    Riff Dagg
    преди месец

    I knew way ahead of time the comment section was gonna go totaly simpleton off this one.

  59. LeShang Tsung
    LeShang Tsung
    преди месец

    If devonis larratis was trolling i would know. Jesus saves souls who do you think takes souls. 🥷

  60. longfootbuddy
    преди месец

    what would they do if someones forearm was so long, nobody could reach his hand on the table

  61. Ŧгє ๓єค
    Ŧгє ๓єค
    преди месец

    He can not grip anything. So his hands are actually an handicap for the sport.

  62. Haagen Neldeberg
    Haagen Neldeberg
    преди месец

    I know you love your circus freaks, but calm down Devon.

  63. Jethro
    преди месец

    Oh...I thought maybe thumb wrestling

  64. fg 25
    fg 25
    преди месец

    How would he grip up with someone? That would be interesting for the ref

  65. Infoverflow
    преди месец

    I don't think he can control his hands, you said they are disabled and everything can be overcome, but unfortunately some disabilities don't just go away.

  66. Veiko Heiberg
    Veiko Heiberg
    преди месец

    Why did he mention Matthias there? 🙄

  67. Trig Trigger
    Trig Trigger
    преди месец

    Arm wrestling would be great for his self esteem ( if it's low ) He clearly has ( hope he has ) owned his physique by his smile , long may it continue!

  68. Richard Morris
    Richard Morris
    преди месец

    Wow I've never seen that.Here in Florida we had a guy like him yrs ago that was named lobster boy & he was part of the circus.And I'm not trolling,and to think I get bummed out because of a receeding hair line.

  69. nobody101 Man2020
    nobody101 Man2020
    преди месец

    he cant even move the fingers they look to be numb...

  70. RichyK1
    преди месец

    is this a joke

  71. Hamed M
    Hamed M
    преди месец

    Devon is trolling right?

  72. Ryan Bowens kidney desperate call
    Ryan Bowens kidney desperate call
    преди месец

    Just, Waaaaaay too openminded....

  73. Mark Hohmeier
    Mark Hohmeier
    преди месец

    Alls I know is the ladies love him in India

  74. Matko Trošelj
    Matko Trošelj
    преди месец

    This is the stupidest thing I have heard Devon say, and I've never heard him say anything stupid. It's not like his hands are just big and shaped like that, his hands are disabled and 90% useless and that can not change I mean seriously get real Devon wtf

  75. pi joh
    pi joh
    преди месец

    he should inrease his body weight first

  76. Ajaj Jjaj
    Ajaj Jjaj
    преди месец

    And don’t forget Turkish arm wrestler Mehmet who is 60-65 kilos with 16 inch forearms

  77. Ajaj Jjaj
    Ajaj Jjaj
    преди месец

    Devon don’t forget about kumar from arm warriors club ! He is 75 kilos with a 18 inch arms and 16 inch forearms

  78. pivotmaster861
    преди месец

    Have you asked if he can make a fist? your shit is great videos man but come on....

  79. Mike G
    Mike G
    преди месец

    Lol.... his hands are useless

  80. raz mataz
    raz mataz
    преди месец

    I wonder if he has considered amputation, i would much prefer some sick prosthetic hands. Some of them are next level

  81. noeldc
    преди месец

    Just watched about 50 of his videos, looks like the poor fellow has close to zero gripping ability.

  82. Nicolas Dran
    Nicolas Dran
    преди месец

    Impossible to set up the match against him with a normal hand.... Where his wrist begin/end? It's just impossible to grab his "hand" properly

    преди месец

    Is this the same hype as Khaled that went nowhere lol

  84. JesseLeeP
    преди месец

    Inbred, lots and lots of it over there

    преди месец

    Hello Devon, I appreciate your concern with this indian boy. But as far as arm wrestling rules and regulation he cannot make proper hand grip with their opponent. The boy must go through some kind of surgery in order to bring his hand and fingers in proper position without losing its original size. People having god gifted talents are unique but sometimes society such as indian society does not accept these talents, so they are crushed by these so called society before they can take iron from rest of the world. Mr. Devon Larratt is not just a great arm wrestler but he is also a good human with great god gifted qualities of lifting other talent as in the case of Khaled awa, if Mr. Devon not highlighted that giant god gifted freak then may be world lost a pure gem. Lots of love from India💁‍♂️💁‍♂️👌👌💕👍.

  86. Brahmastra -The Ultimate Gamer
    Brahmastra -The Ultimate Gamer
    преди месец

    His grip can nullify all of your strength cause you won't be able to even grip his huge palm. I'm Indian too but the sad truth is ,in India value of true sportsmanship is less than politics,they link everything with politics and and want to benefit from it until that star dies.

  87. TBB5413
    преди месец

    1:42 Devon checking out how he would look with those catcher mits

      преди месец

      Just saw that lol hope the guy can get some help

  88. chordlessscrewdriver
    преди месец

    doesnt look like he has use of his fingers though

  89. SjefeNoverSjef
    преди месец

    The indica been hitting different ehh devon

  90. shakattak
    преди месец

    First video I have to thumbsdown for Devon. Sad

    преди месец

    Maybe an unfair advantage it a be like a man arm wrestling a baby 🇬🇧

  92. Mindereak
    преди месец

    Trolling or not (worse if not) this guy has no place in armwrestling, the rules of the sport aren't suited for him to compete in a fair match.

  93. Notademocrat
    преди месец

    How would you even lock hands with him?

  94. Rampart D.
    Rampart D.
    преди месец

    He can get his hands corrected without shrinking with a Rheumatoid joint surgery. It'll correct whats causing inflammation and make his hands more functional and aesthetically pleasing if he cares about that.

  95. KC Jones
    KC Jones
    преди месец

    "My hands Felt super massive when I ate magic mushrooms, and this video gave me flashbacks..💪😑"

  96. Josh Martin
    Josh Martin
    преди месец

    Its sad, there is so much incest in India that leads to complications like this. There's a reason you see mutations like this more often among Indian folks. Hopefully this young man goes on to great things, but there's a cost.

  97. Patrick Roy
    Patrick Roy
    преди месец

    Um Devon... have you lost your damn mind. “ his hand looks a little bit disabled.” He is full blown disabled! Who knows if he can even grip anything.

    1. Khada Jhin
      Khada Jhin
      преди месец

      @Mathieu Fredette The ones you strap heavy cargo on the back of semi flat beds.

    2. Mathieu Fredette
      Mathieu Fredette
      преди месец

      They would need to make a special strap just for him

  98. Charly R
    Charly R
    преди месец

    I remember seeing him in tv when he was just a small child, his right forearm especially looks like may have some muscle and tendon development.

  99. superpridefighter
    преди месец

    Devon, you are amazing for showing us this young man. He has so much potential. This kind of reminds me of Oleg Zhokh. Some though he would be limited in life. They were wrong as he became a sensation. Cheers.

  100. Dave Stansbury
    Dave Stansbury
    преди месец

    If he was a 260 lb man like me. Hahaha. With those hands he would not escape my grip! I would grab a finger twist and curl and probably break it in the way down !