Istanbul event - MASK vs GASPARINI | TODZILLA vs ZOLOEV |

49 000 Показвания 88 хил.
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  1. Coppertop22
    преди 4 часа

    Ermes is far superior.

  2. Giovanni Mergoni
    Giovanni Mergoni
    преди 10 часа

    Spectacular presentation from Devon, as always. When this champ talks seriously about armwrestling you feel the passion, the interest and the competence. There just anything you can do but sit and listen. About Matt and Ermes. I love Matt and Ermes even more, as Italian. I think Ermes is stronger right now. But Matt has a flash start that Ermes probably doesn't have. If Ermes is able to stop Matt at the start then I think he will win. We'll see. I hope he did specific workout for starts

  3. KillJokeWhoosh
    преди 2 дни

    Wait, so this is in Istanbul, not Constantinople?

  4. Amit Vadoliya
    Amit Vadoliya
    преди 3 дни

    Ermes and zoloev will win the match.

    1. Coppertop22
      преди 4 часа

      You were correct

  5. Archibaldo Cruz
    Archibaldo Cruz
    преди 3 дни

    How is Italy East? That's new.

    1. Coppertop22
      преди 4 часа

      Yeah doesn't make much sense.

  6. M. Jordan
    M. Jordan
    преди 3 дни

    Man... this is such a great assessment of everything. Even though you're operating on such a high level (with No Limits), it really shows that you've still got your "ear to the ground" when it comes to the sport. Can't wait for the matches!

    преди 4 дни

    Matt will tear this guy a new one, he can add that to his portfolio.

  8. Damien Vanneste
    Damien Vanneste
    преди 4 дни

    king?? battu contre denis ya beaucoup plus fort que lui mais belle carrière faut le dire

  9. Benjamen Глонти
    Benjamen Глонти
    преди 4 дни

    🇩🇪 🇬🇪 Levan is N=1 საქართველოს გაუმარჯოს 🇬🇪 🇩🇪 🇬🇪 My best regards 👍

  10. Audi 1
    Audi 1
    преди 4 дни

    Mask is the bomb love his energy. You need to help him devon plz help matt hes one of my favorites.

  11. Audi 1
    Audi 1
    преди 4 дни

    Vitaly smashed gasparini he didnt even stand a chance when they hooked up a week ago

  12. rob
    преди 4 дни

    Ermes is bigger than hes ever been.Scary how he toys with normal people , then beats vitaly in a slow pull

  13. Tony Malone
    Tony Malone
    преди 4 дни

    i like natural larrat. salesman larrat no gracias.

  14. Tony Malone
    Tony Malone
    преди 4 дни

    east vs west is arbitrary. made up lines. north and south are real places and real directions.

  15. Tony Malone
    Tony Malone
    преди 4 дни

    does devon realize people of all kinds like to listen to him, not just lovers of arm wrestling? good talk, as always.

  16. Jackal Strategy
    Jackal Strategy
    преди 4 дни

    Hutchins vs zoloev is a dream match can’t wait

    преди 4 дни

    I am trained Arm Wrestling

  18. J . wick . 30 years ago
    J . wick . 30 years ago
    преди 4 дни


  19. J . wick . 30 years ago
    J . wick . 30 years ago
    преди 4 дни

    The greatest armwrestler after john - fat Davon larret 💢

  20. Semper Fi
    Semper Fi
    преди 4 дни

    Maintain what you have so it's normal every day.... Then try to build upon that. Devon....We love you. Keep crushing the world!!!

  21. usman amjad
    usman amjad
    преди 4 дни

    I want a match between akash kumar (wrist hunter) from india vs school boy.

  22. Elliott Berry
    Elliott Berry
    преди 5 дни

    "The best hookers in the world!" HELL YEA!!! 👍👍😁

  23. i will jack hammer you
    i will jack hammer you
    преди 5 дни

    You look like your losing weight for awhile.. Good id think

  24. Franklin Tyler
    Franklin Tyler
    преди 5 дни

    Starting a petition to call high hookers, crack whores.

  25. Enzo505
    преди 6 дни

    Devon's lost 30 pounds already lol

  26. Leroy Hatfield
    Leroy Hatfield
    преди 6 дни

    How do we watch this?

  27. J
    преди 6 дни

    🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹i like them both🔥🔥🔥

  28. Irving Brown
    Irving Brown
    преди 6 дни

    How’s it going Devon? Good seeing you man and I’m excited for that match with Matt and Hermès, definitely pulling for Matt and squash that talk about being the next brezink, it would be nice if people would stop comparing people to John. Thanks again man, I’m sorry CHAMP!! Thanks again for sharing. Take care man, stay safe and healthy.

  29. ABLe Lawrence
    ABLe Lawrence
    преди 6 дни

    Awesome !! thanks eh

  30. d3fragg3d
    преди 6 дни

    Devon how are you watching the matches? Is the entire event available somewhere?

    1. jon doe
      jon doe
      преди 5 дни

      Gasparinis BGsun channel.

  31. Anand Maha
    Anand Maha
    преди 6 дни

    Gasp vs dev ,dream match

  32. Kenny No Limits Omega-Larratt
    Kenny No Limits Omega-Larratt
    преди 6 дни

    Devon is Mike Tyson but in this video he's promoting like Don King for ArmBet! I can't even hate on it, get that money Champ! 💪🏼🇨🇦

  33. Bryan Puzia
    Bryan Puzia
    преди 6 дни

    hammer is coming back!!!

  34. JapaneseCar
    преди 6 дни

    Maan, Todd's got this... I like his training too, he knows what he needs and works the power where it is. The side drive of his should be difficult for Zoloev as he can pin him even with his wrist compromised.

  35. patrick assalone
    patrick assalone
    преди 6 дни

    Looks like you've already shed a ton if water, well done. You must be fasting hard

  36. YoutubeInsistInBanningPeople
    преди 6 дни

    Ermes density is very rare.. good luck matt... Lol

  37. kenhero77
    преди 6 дни

    Ermes will toy with him... toys with smile

  38. Southie
    преди 7 дни

    Arm wrestling is the only sport where you'll hear "the best hookers" and "strap-on". If I had the volume up at my job I'd be fired.🤣

  39. Ryan Belanger
    Ryan Belanger
    преди 7 дни

    Zoloev and Hutchings 2 of my favorite ever

  40. Mark Williscroft
    Mark Williscroft
    преди 7 дни

    Mask looks like Shaggy from Scoobie Doo

  41. Tim Klassen
    Tim Klassen
    преди 7 дни

    Hi Devon I had a dream that I beat you in arm wrestling with my left arm and then my right arm anyway then I woke up some times dreams are just crazy.

  42. thebearujb
    преди 7 дни

    How's your son doing? Is his arm better?

  43. Крошка Енот
    Крошка Енот
    преди 7 дни

    Zoloev, Babaev, Prudnik, Andreev are the same lever. Todzilla is on one level below them. Just fact.

  44. hashim khan
    hashim khan
    преди 7 дни

    Michael hammer is coming.

  45. Jesus M
    Jesus M
    преди 7 дни

    VREZH SEDRAKYAN thoughts on him n him vs hutchinngs n zoloev

  46. Богдан Шишкин
    Богдан Шишкин
    преди 7 дни

    Привет из Ижевска, Россия АК47

  47. ketz Bond
    ketz Bond
    преди 7 дни


  48. Shawn O’Hagan
    Shawn O’Hagan
    преди 7 дни

    Great video

  49. Dev Decker
    Dev Decker
    преди 7 дни

    You need merch Devon. Now is the time. I just looked online and I couldn’t really even find third party sellers selling shirts with your name or theme. You could make good money dude

    1. jon doe
      jon doe
      преди 5 дни

      Link is in the description

  50. G Pma
    G Pma
    преди 7 дни

    Devon growing the sport like no other

  51. MegaConify
    преди 7 дни

    what is Istanbul?

  52. Yunusemre Altıparmak
    Yunusemre Altıparmak
    преди 7 дни

    When is this event going to happen? I want to see it!

  53. Devastating
    преди 7 дни

    I think Ermes is too strong for Matt atm added to the fact that Ermes has been driven by this rematch. I’ll never bet against Zoloev, he is super complete. That said, I’d be happy to be wrong.

  54. Trapping Louisiana
    Trapping Louisiana
    преди 7 дни

    Backing both our North American guys!

  55. Shobhit Sharma
    Shobhit Sharma
    преди 7 дни

    But Pancake weight is awesome...

  56. Unforgiven
    преди 7 дни

    Love you Devon! You look so much better mentally after your feeding frenzy on MT

  57. ecp4500
    преди 7 дни

    I hear 'someone' get a 24 hour Facebook ban for self fat shaming lol.

  58. Bassmasta911
    преди 7 дни

    I want to see Jerry Cadorette try and flop wrist press you at your current level and to see a rematch with Dave Chaffee with no king's move

  59. Jason Barsley
    Jason Barsley
    преди 7 дни

    If matty loses you gonna have smash that idiot gasperini so sick of hearing this guys the best

  60. LEK Music
    LEK Music
    преди 7 дни

    Ahhh. Home, home again... I like to be here when I can... And when I come home cold and tired.. it's good to warm my bones beside the fire.

  61. Berlin Mitte Institut
    Berlin Mitte Institut
    преди 7 дни

    God you are such a hype machine love it

  62. Turk and Azer Brothers for ever
    Turk and Azer Brothers for ever
    преди 7 дни


  63. ShinerBock2007
    преди 7 дни

    Jeez thanks....My stupid husband heard you say "best hookers in the world" and now he going.....

    1. The Ganges cowdung floating
      The Ganges cowdung floating
      преди 2 дни


  64. Herac Les
    Herac Les
    преди 7 дни

    You're doing so well Devon!

  65. Ivan Kovacevic
    Ivan Kovacevic
    преди 7 дни

    Taras Ivakin from 2006 would destroy every top roller today

  66. Thispleasesbulba
    преди 7 дни

    Anyone know why Devon isn't there?

  67. Herac Les
    Herac Les
    преди 7 дни

    Ermes "Gladiator" Gasparini. There's that perfect ring to it.

  68. Hasan Gürsoy
    Hasan Gürsoy
    преди 7 дни

    King of arm wrestling 💪Devon Larratt

  69. Anonymous
    преди 7 дни

    He’s Everyone’s favourite arm wrestler

  70. Sina Gül
    Sina Gül
    преди 7 дни

    what is the name of event and where can I get a ticket I'm in İstanbul can u help me @devonlarratt

  71. Joe Roy
    Joe Roy
    преди 7 дни

    Devon when do you think we will be able to start staking through the app on any match thats set up through it

  72. Bill Huskamp
    Bill Huskamp
    преди 7 дни

    I want the arm wrestling community and Devon’s thoughts. After watching Dennis and vitally talk they keep saying the match was more about how unprepared Todd came to the match and not how strong Devon was. Is it not possible that Devon came that much stronger? Why can’t anyone over there grasp that? Was Todd maybe not ready? Over training?

  73. Mark Edward
    Mark Edward
    преди 7 дни

    Pancake Weight Are Good

  74. David Houma
    David Houma
    преди 7 дни

    Congratulations Champ! Too good.

  75. Sea Hawks
    Sea Hawks
    преди 7 дни

    You beat Mask mentally though, rent free, you can talk him into losing.

  76. Sea Hawks
    Sea Hawks
    преди 7 дни

    You made Todd retire. Nah, he's coming back though, his humble attitude seems too disingenuous, I don't believe it.

  77. o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0o
    o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0o
    преди 7 дни

    You went from 110 kg to 130 kg in 3 mouths alll natty bro

  78. AutoAddict84
    преди 7 дни

    Devons head got so big his teeth 🦷 came apart 😳

  79. F3 BBC
    F3 BBC
    преди 7 дни

    Matt Mask is gonna roll like you did after a good break. You look like your face is starting to thin out already. Good Ole Hutchings, I agree a lot of damn good matches.

  80. Stuart De Araujo
    Stuart De Araujo
    преди 7 дни

    How can we watch the event? I'm not sure if it has an official name. Can't find how to order it on Engin's social media pages. Is it going to live stream off of Engin's youtube page for free?

  81. jeremiah wise
    jeremiah wise
    преди 7 дни

    Matt is in my top five active arm fighters right now.

    1. YoutubeInsistInBanningPeople
      преди 8 часа

      lol fail

  82. VV RAMU
    преди 7 дни

    Devon did you receive your hammer sent by Todd? You deserve it man

  83. Boris Nachev
    Boris Nachev
    преди 7 дни

    @Devon Larrat, is there going to be a pay per view for the Mat Mask vs Gasparini match?

  84. kamysamaa
    преди 7 дни

    Promoting... aren't we?...

  85. donovan gschweng
    donovan gschweng
    преди 7 дни

    Matt “lines of coke” mask vs ermis “king of the practice table” ermis

  86. Nikolay Tonev
    Nikolay Tonev
    преди 7 дни

    Great matches! I can't say about the 2nd one, but Mask will lose.

  87. Pavel Radev
    Pavel Radev
    преди 7 дни

    Is the event going to be streamed anywhere?

  88. neoberi
    преди 7 дни

    Todd Hutching's has a LITTLE more side pressure?! Toddzilla is the side pressure king! It's like saying Devon just ate a little more pancakes in the last few months.

  89. The Mooser
    The Mooser
    преди 7 дни

    I love Mask but Gasparini is gonna crush him kinda sucks but never know

  90. The Mooser
    The Mooser
    преди 7 дни

    Where that hammer Devon go check the mail

  91. Evan Hubbard
    Evan Hubbard
    преди 7 дни

    Ermes has crazy hand and wrist strength

  92. CJ the CATALOGUE
    преди 7 дни Todd vs Zoloev

  93. unnamed individual
    unnamed individual
    преди 7 дни

    Devon Larratt got no limit! PERIOD!

  94. W Bec
    W Bec
    преди 7 дни

    Id like to to see Gasparini vs Devon

  95. Wet Shoe
    Wet Shoe
    преди 7 дни

    I really want to see how Matt mask have grown over time.

  96. HouiLouis 95
    HouiLouis 95
    преди 7 дни

    Devon is you see this don’t let up, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this strong in my entire life. Please pull Levan, you’re on another level.

  97. Khan pone Totsaraj
    Khan pone Totsaraj
    преди 7 дни

    Like a million cousins.

  98. mgu0000
    преди 7 дни

    Gasparini > Mask Zoloev > Todzilla.

  99. chrollo Lucilfer
    chrollo Lucilfer
    преди 7 дни

    Devon, maybe you should pull Ermes gaspirini now, test your strength...

  100. LackedBetterName
    преди 7 дни

    Man's really pushing the staking now