Khaled vs Monster analysis

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    преди 8 месеца

    cme on Devon, how do you dare to put Khaled to Levan level?? certainly Khaled has and uncovered potential but he is just a beginner armwrestler. He must learn a lot of technique and gain experience. Not even you have faced Levan to know what his strength level is. I know you're rooting Khaled but to say that is an absurd exaggeration.

    1. Toby Way
      Toby Way
      преди 25 дни

      @Devon Larratt so had Khaled never trained before when you met him

    2. Deepak Singh
      Deepak Singh
      преди месец

      @Devon Larratt What a Decent Person You Are 🙏🏻 Love and Respect from INDIA 🇮🇳 . MORE POWER TO YOU BIG BROTHER !!

    3. LuNatiC W i L L s
      LuNatiC W i L L s
      преди 2 месеца

      @Devon Larratt❤️❤️❤️

    4. yo chiran what's up
      yo chiran what's up
      преди 2 месеца

      Levan got a lot of experience but don't know how to put a strap

    5. Senor Snipey
      Senor Snipey
      преди 2 месеца

      @Joseph Benton same dude! Big time fan! I want to start a league in the Bahamas bc of my new obsession with the sport. Would be amazing to have a chance to meet the legend!

  2. Nonya Business
    Nonya Business
    преди 4 дни

    Todd made extremely easy work of Khaled as soon as he pressed instead of pulled.

  3. jeff ouellette
    jeff ouellette
    преди 5 дни

    No I can already see what the problem is this is the same thing that happened to his schoolboy he's grabbing him by the thumb I thought it was supposed to be hand-to-hand not you grabbing someone's thumb. Why isn't anybody else witnessing this. here we got a professional sitting here making a video and he and we're talking about having a hand problem no it's somebody grabbing somebody by their thumb and I mean you know there's a tendon there. Come on Mr professional.

  4. jeff ouellette
    jeff ouellette
    преди 5 дни

    so when did arm wrestling have something to do with grabbing somebody's thumb and trying to win a match by grabbing someone's thumb it's the same thing I'm witnessing here is the same thing about with schoolboy. I mean I've watched all these arm wrestling matches within like the last couple of days and these are the first two videos with the same guy that's having the his opponents are having problems how can you grab someone's thumb it's not thumb wrestling it's arm wrestling isn't it. I mean I understand that movie with what's his name back in the day you know over the top but I mean you know it's how can the grip of trying to grab someone pose such a something strange here.

  5. Good King Entertainment Inc
    Good King Entertainment Inc
    преди 6 дни

    Dude. I knew nothing about this sport of you guys until one of these videos landed in my feed last week. THANK YOU FOR EDUCATING ME. This is a GREAT SPORT AND YOU GUYS ARE GREAT CHAMPIONS.Thank you Devon!

  6. Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson
    преди 9 дни

    Both like to hide under the table... Can't stand either of them.

  7. captain blue gill
    captain blue gill
    преди 23 дни

    and then prime Brzenk steps in lol and everyone goes home

  8. Connor
    преди 25 дни

    I think that Devon seeing what Khalid did to Michael influenced how he prepared for his big match

  9. Juan Alvarez WestSideArms
    Juan Alvarez WestSideArms
    преди месец

    Going home tonight to study on strap work

  10. Jack Buchan
    Jack Buchan
    преди месец

    6:25 Michaels arm is literally completely straight and no pin is allowed because he is that low. What a mockery of the sport this has become. If your arm is that extended you should have lost, you have been overpowered, you are completely straight, your not using anything other than your body height to keep you from being pinned which should not have any impact on the sport, BRING BACK SIT DOWN ARM WRESTLING!!!!!

  11. Constant Raven
    Constant Raven
    преди месец

    Big up to you Dev support support 🙌💯🇨🇦🪶

  12. Igor Mazurenko
    Igor Mazurenko
    преди месец

    See Micheal struggled with Khaled no chance.

  13. Mosquito
    преди месец

    When he puts the strap on? Relax.

  14. Youssef hassan
    Youssef hassan
    преди месец

    love the edita for real... Legit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. JakeGrows420
    преди месец

    Well you are the champion now Devon. LETS GO CANADA!!! Much love from Ontario!

  16. stefan gabrian
    stefan gabrian
    преди месец

    I look at this and see levan and devon.

  17. Mullcrum the Sage
    Mullcrum the Sage
    преди месец

    There is always someone stronger, faster more skilled..somewhere.

    преди месец

    bro the monster guy literally cheated that is just crap man

    преди месец

    Get the strap 50 cent

  20. Shard insecure
    Shard insecure
    преди месец

    Devon ranting about the straps is pure comedy

  21. Rda xerex 28
    Rda xerex 28
    преди 2 месеца

    I want to see TODD vs SCHOOLBOY right hand match

  22. solosaroman
    преди 2 месеца

    Tods elbow is like 3 times in the air

  23. sunny20985
    преди 2 месеца

    Devon has proved that a different level of potential can be unlocked by consistency and commitment

  24. les go
    les go
    преди 2 месеца

    It's so funny how they keep calling this crap "arm" wrestling. 🤣

  25. zlacc
    преди 2 месеца

    Did anyone else catch how Devon used holding on to Michael Todds thumb in king of the table fourth round like Khaled did in this video? Tell me I'm wrong Devon!

  26. numi numful
    numi numful
    преди 2 месеца

    its absolutely a joke that anyone consider mt no 1 arwrestler in the world. real strong guys walk through khaled like butter. kyle hutchison, levan - we already saw it. you know that ermes vitali and genadi will do the same. and mt has to go under the table to stop this guy. just an absurd technique and a disgrace

  27. Koen Ruysseveldt
    Koen Ruysseveldt
    преди 2 месеца

    Khaled says his brother is stronger. Hand and overall strength.... His brother's hand is even bigger than his. 😱

  28. Audi 1
    Audi 1
    преди 2 месеца

    Man i remember vovoda in his day god that was one bad dude. Do you think at his peak he could beat Michael today.

  29. Audi 1
    Audi 1
    преди 2 месеца

    Thats funny you say that about moving the hand i noticed that with wheels he was not moving his hand at all trying to climb . Coach ray should of worked on it with him. Maybe he did or i dont understand his style but his match is in one day. Help him devon.

  30. Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts
    преди 2 месеца

    Khaled almost had him. That would have been such an important moment for all of us. If only Khaled knew how to transition back out of Princess' Move properly, he would've!

  31. Michael M McDonald
    Michael M McDonald
    преди 2 месеца

    Michael has a pocket of fear when facing you ,now you're massive.

  32. sean collins
    sean collins
    преди 2 месеца

    Great Video 😄 looking in from Ireland 🇮🇪

  33. The Saaxxx Baba
    The Saaxxx Baba
    преди 2 месеца

    Don't put the strap on wrong - Devon Larrat

  34. None
    преди 2 месеца

    Without his cheat move, Michael would probably lose to 90% of armwrestlers. I think Khalid could've beaten him too.

  35. Joseph Benton
    Joseph Benton
    преди 2 месеца

    Devon larratt brought me to this sport.

  36. B. R.
    B. R.
    преди 2 месеца

    Michael Todd is one of these guys who is always setting up his next excuse for losing while trying to disguise it as humility. Makes me want to puke

    1. Mike Pal
      Mike Pal
      преди 2 месеца

      Beautifully said.

  37. Supremacykill Kimba
    Supremacykill Kimba
    преди 2 месеца


    преди 2 месеца

    Finally Khaled vs Michael "UndertheTable" Todd

  39. GRSL
    преди 2 месеца

    When Devon has recent problem with thrombosis.

  40. Red Diamond
    Red Diamond
    преди 2 месеца

    The good thing is that Khaled lost😂

  41. Eric & The Miners
    Eric & The Miners
    преди 2 месеца

    He did play it up but nice commentary

  42. R. A. Fiallos
    R. A. Fiallos
    преди 2 месеца

    How is stretching the guy’s arm as far as it can go not con sidered a win? The only thing keeping MT from getting pinned was going under the table, but his arm was fully outstretched. Arm wrestling has become something else entirely, because at that point, you are not wrestling an arm, but gravity.

  43. RuiSsizenVloG
    преди 2 месеца

    Never liked michael and this new guy is great

  44. Sunny Bhaskar
    Sunny Bhaskar
    преди 2 месеца

    I don't like Michael, every time he's sitting on floor

  45. Sea Hawks
    Sea Hawks
    преди 2 месеца

    Please get this man some serious training, his potential is huge, he pulls all most with pure strength, I'd hate to see this guy utilize technique.

  46. Sea Hawks
    Sea Hawks
    преди 2 месеца

    Just say micro adjustments, hand, move it.

  47. Sea Hawks
    Sea Hawks
    преди 2 месеца

    Who wears the strap-on in the relationship.

  48. Damon Miller
    Damon Miller
    преди 3 месеца

    Michael's elbow is never on the pad okay maybe at the start

  49. Sir Spoony
    Sir Spoony
    преди 3 месеца

    Khaled needs to learn when to let go...he is going to break a lot of fingers....with MT I could care less, but he does it to he was close to breaking his thumb....

  50. ponopa42
    преди 3 месеца

    Khaled is the hoover dam.

  51. RZ. lalrammawiia
    RZ. lalrammawiia
    преди 3 месеца

    i hate michael todd move it was soo boring and coward move... give him a pillow and he felt a sleep under the table...

    преди 3 месеца

    you can see clearly that Todd was scared of Khaleds power. He was glad that Khaled has made a mistake at the end. Khaled will be easily in a top 10 ! Devon, your the best! Beat Todd in Dubai please!

  53. White Wolf
    White Wolf
    преди 4 месеца

    So I'm a proud Canuck livin' South of the Border. Devon represents all the good vibes of what it is to be from Kanukastan... but more than that... he is at the highest level of mastery in his sport. A true master cheers for and is the biggest fan of his opponent... he only wishes to face the best version of his opponent and will encourage and assist them to bring their best to the field of battle (whatever field that may be).... Crowbar 3:16 (Lao Tzu and Sun Tzu also yammered on about it as well... but Crowbar said it best!)

  54. Life, Fitness, Wildlife, and food
    Life, Fitness, Wildlife, and food
    преди 4 месеца

    Michael the strap is on wrong and now I’m angry!

  55. BirdDawg
    преди 4 месеца

    Def says something when the top armwrestlers are traveling all the way to freekin Dubai to practice with a novice. Loving this, the whole idea of Devin traveling to find beast genetics.

  56. Jason Nester
    Jason Nester
    преди 4 месеца

    Mike Todd’s under the table kings dick move

  57. Lebe mekani
    Lebe mekani
    преди 4 месеца

    remove kings move from this sport

  58. headjobs
    преди 4 месеца

    Did you do an analysis of the strength comp with Levan and Monster?

  59. Verstr8 Family
    Verstr8 Family
    преди 4 месеца

    I'm a huge fan and have been watching you for years. Starting amateur competitions soon for myself. I'm going to a comp in May and August. It's my goal to meet you one day, interview you on my youtube channel, then attempt a match. Lol. You're a very humble person and I have a lot of respect for you.

  60. J P
    J P
    преди 4 месеца

    Todd's in the King's move against a total fucking amateur 🙄

  61. Preacher Man
    Preacher Man
    преди 4 месеца

    I want to take on Khaled. I can beat him. Get me to Dubai damnit! Btw, Devon, your channel is blowing up! Congrats!!!

  62. Blake Gibbons
    Blake Gibbons
    преди 4 месеца

    I thought the video of the pulls was on mute until I heard Larry’s laugh.

    1. Matt Gaspari-Bee Mask
      Matt Gaspari-Bee Mask
      преди 3 дни

      That's a jokeb

  63. Cinderella
    преди 4 месеца

    Good advice

  64. Cinderella
    преди 4 месеца

    I got winner ill be there

  65. Louis Boehringer
    Louis Boehringer
    преди 4 месеца

    You should do more reviews you’re good at it!

  66. Berdt
    преди 4 месеца

    How would Khaled (with polished techniques) match up to Cyplenkov at his greatest?

  67. SchoolboyGirl
    преди 4 месеца

    anyone who thinks that fool Todd can beat Levan, while struggling with Khaled like this needs a slap in the head. Watch how EASILY Levan held and toyed with Khaled. Like a child. Mike would be so utterly fucked it’s not even funny.

    1. simon995pci
      преди 4 месеца

      yeah its hard not to see the diference

  68. Ruben Braekman
    Ruben Braekman
    преди 4 месеца

    Flashforward: Levan played with Khaled like he was nothing and Khaled is doing MMA now for some reason

  69. Mine Crop
    Mine Crop
    преди 5 месеца


  70. Abdui Moshek
    Abdui Moshek
    преди 5 месеца

    Егоной бородой за такую борьбу ж... У вытереть

  71. Abdui Moshek
    Abdui Moshek
    преди 5 месеца

    Бородатый всрал по полной

  72. Steve from Yellowstone
    Steve from Yellowstone
    преди 5 месеца

    Michael is clearly weaker than some random dude, and he's the heavyweight champ lmao WAL logic

  73. T
    преди 5 месеца

    Khaled has abit more experience than people think.

  74. Marky Marc
    Marky Marc
    преди 5 месеца

    Could you do a step by step on how you put a strap on? I heard you say many times that a lot of wrestlers don't know how to put a strap on correctly. Thanks man!👍

  75. deadliftdux
    преди 5 месеца

    what a total disaster 🤣🤣

  76. D D
    D D
    преди 5 месеца

    Devon, Travis, Brzenk, or any of the Europeans etc. SOMEBODY needs to be training Kaleb.

    1. Travis Larrat
      Travis Larrat
      преди 5 месеца

      Khaleb who?

  77. Sebastien Hurgon
    Sebastien Hurgon
    преди 5 месеца

    If we judge by bone structure, he could have the same potential as Cyplenkov and Levan.

  78. nick torea
    nick torea
    преди 5 месеца

    Michael put the strap on the right way for him

  79. Alex Fisher
    Alex Fisher
    преди 5 месеца

    As soon as this sport becomes more accessible there will be zero white men left. Khaled has said everyone in his town is this strong 😆.

  80. CeKToP
    преди 5 месеца

    You literally see Michael struggle so hard with his straight arm. And this is with Khaled.. There's no point in doing a match between M and L. Khaled has more chances in beating Levan than Michael does. Long way to go, but still a better opponent for him

  81. XxXFlyingArmBarXxX
    преди 5 месеца

    Could you imagine if Khaled studies with Devon for 6 months what would happen. Holy moly

  82. Yep It'sMe
    Yep It'sMe
    преди 5 месеца

    Khaled would've won if devon was spectating near him

  83. graydon Sutherland
    graydon Sutherland
    преди 6 месеца

    im sorry but they really need to make a rule that when ur arm is opened up like todds literally fully extended its over... this is so stupid

  84. Nour Ali
    Nour Ali
    преди 6 месеца

    DEVON is totally right. To be honest that trick Michael is doing is absolutely ridiculous, I am not an expert though. Although the strap was set up, Michael was trying to loose his hand, just to escape from the opponent's palm control area. If this is allowed in arm wrestling, to me, to normal people, it's just a fake sport.

  85. Wesley Hempoli
    Wesley Hempoli
    преди 6 месеца

    how is he so muscular having never touched a weight? he must have done some sort of training... SOMETHING

    преди 6 месеца

    Khaled pls learn from the great one larratt..Michael Todd's king move is such an embarrassment for the sport it should be banned..his arm was straight across how is this still legal..

  87. tesina21
    преди 6 месеца

    I just can't watch Mike Todd arm wrestle anymore, it's just too painful and pathetic.

  88. Jack Eichhorn
    Jack Eichhorn
    преди 6 месеца

    I do not like it when the Kings Move is used. I call it " crawling under the table " just my opinion.

  89. Kamishininoyari
    преди 6 месеца

    Hi Dev just came back here to re-quote you after the lastest Levan - Larry video "Khaled over Levan". Yup buddy, you said it, not us.

  90. LS F
    LS F
    преди 6 месеца

    Devon I used to think u were a pretty boy, all that talk during matches. Now I see u were playing chess while I was playing checkers. Thanks for all the great videos! I've learned so much. Appreciate the hard work, it shows... Go get that Georgian!!!

  91. Roza Nguyen • 30 years ago
    Roza Nguyen • 30 years ago
    преди 6 месеца

    Khaled is like Broly who’s already freakin strong but needs more experience in battles

  92. André Luiz de Souza
    André Luiz de Souza
    преди 6 месеца

    I hate mike "under the table" todd's move

  93. Drone Adventures
    Drone Adventures
    преди 6 месеца

    It's pretty clear kahlid wasn't trying to finish Mike off, like he said he wanted to learn, which Is very smart. Michael was an amazing coach to these guys over there. He's just getting experience fighting the big horse.

  94. ORPHEUS Entertainment
    ORPHEUS Entertainment
    преди 6 месеца

    That bearded person is a shame for the sport. And his claims that he is a contender for the No 1 spot in the world are simply ridiculous. He is not even top 10 .... not even according to Rebeccca ..haha

  95. J Ö
    J Ö
    преди 6 месеца

    Foul of Michael 1000000 time. Has nothing to do with armwrestling.

  96. ArmFight Analyst TV
    ArmFight Analyst TV
    преди 6 месеца

    In fact,khaled can totally beat mike...but khaled says tht he dont want to beat Mike,he just want some advice from would be shame if world champ get defeated..Also if khaled use his adrenaline and use his aggresive being just like he do with schoolboy he can totally beat mike

  97. Jonathan Pound
    Jonathan Pound
    преди 6 месеца

    Larry is no expert on arm wrestling he is an expert on PED's and using PED's to get unnaturally large. You speak of khaled having amazing genetic potential, without mentioning the PED cycle that Larry likely has Khalid on. Especially with the much easier to access and wider range of PED's accessible in Dubai. Its just an odd oversite. Not that Monster isn't using Ped's but I would think that its clear Larry's coaching technique is a brute force attacks that specializes in PEDS and using his expertise in steroid stacks. It ruins the sport and sport becomes about who is most willing to sacrifice there health to win. The sport is taking a bad direction and not good for society when this is the path it takes.

  98. emmy lite
    emmy lite
    преди 6 месеца

    Apparently Mr Bowen thinks he can take Khaled !?

  99. betterthan you
    betterthan you
    преди 6 месеца

    Todd's elbow off the mat?! Never! Smh and rolling my eyes.

  100. yojimbo obmijoy
    yojimbo obmijoy
    преди 6 месеца

    Your a cool dude larret just sayin 👍