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just a little update at this time
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  1. superflyerizzera
    преди месец

    I admire your dedication as an athlete over the years... inspiring

  2. Rafox
    преди месец

    Fuck COVID shit 😂👍😂👍😂💪💪

  3. apolotary
    преди месец

    I fell into a rabbit hole of armwrestling videos and now I can’t help but wonder if Devon can win against a robotic arm

  4. matthew martin
    matthew martin
    преди месец

    I believe John's still got it for sure! WAL needs to come to some terms over Covid... there's going to be an explosion of people coming into this sport... meaning more frequent matches! they should just Covid test them... get the results and let em fight! guess we'll see?

    преди месец

    Matt needs a year at best to get much stronger....not before then.

  6. Ivo Pehlivanov
    Ivo Pehlivanov
    преди месец

    I hope see you pulling Vitaly its even more interesting

  7. Zuckemn
    преди месец

    i've been training only the palms of my hand

  8. Avery Chiappetta
    Avery Chiappetta
    преди месец

    U shud start editing ur videos

  9. Erebus Khan
    Erebus Khan
    преди месец


  10. 8848 Tvx
    8848 Tvx
    преди месец

    I want that tshirt ! Please !!!from Nepal

  11. M. Miller
    M. Miller
    преди месец

    Devon's backyard looks exactly like what I think it would: totally overgrown.

  12. Andre Beauchamp
    Andre Beauchamp
    преди месец

    Nice shirt

  13. nico le bourd
    nico le bourd
    преди месец

    Tu es le boss 🇫🇷

  14. The Bear
    The Bear
    преди месец

    That t shirt is awesome!

  15. Richard Morris
    Richard Morris
    преди месец

    How can you not be impressed by sub ..

  16. Whosoever
    преди месец

    School Boy vs Todd Hutchings....... 20 vs 48 year old

  17. YoutubeInsistInBanningPeople
    преди месец

    Zero chance you have against levan. Zero

  18. Bill Fisher
    Bill Fisher
    преди месец

    Devon, congratulations on your victory!

    преди месец

    When is someone pulling SPOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💪

  20. R. R.H
    R. R.H
    преди месец

    One more match with denis. Is he still your limit? Lol

  21. Levon Darratt
    Levon Darratt
    преди месец

    Imagine you're into Basketball or Tennis, and you get invited to hit with Djokovic or LeBron, like it's a natural thing.

  22. t c
    t c
    преди месец

    Devon Larratt a true guy to have your kids to look up to as well as yourself.In my opinion not self centered. Wish there were more athlete`s like you.

  23. Ju Ju
    Ju Ju
    преди месец

    Was Devon that much superior in strength when he beat MT ? if so i think he can pin Levan because that was really impressive. Now if that was because of the pads/rules mostly, well i still want to see the match but i already know the outcome.

  24. joe black
    joe black
    преди месец

    Devon, have you seen this one yet? The Silverback looks pretty impressive.

  25. Oris None
    Oris None
    преди месец

    Arm Wrestling is getting like Boxing. Let’s see who is best. Get top 8 North American versus top 8 European. PPV

  26. Mat Masks inflatable hot dog
    Mat Masks inflatable hot dog
    преди месец

    Will you accept the hot dog challenge?

  27. Brian Bremges
    Brian Bremges
    преди месец

    Oh snap I want that hat! So sick

  28. jamesnm21
    преди месец

    Devon, tell Mike to quit worrying about his youtube channel and rest up. You know he's not the smartest about this shit.

  29. Rene
    преди месец

    You guys hear about MT going through a pretty rough case of covid? Hope the man gets better

  30. Sachin Shaji
    Sachin Shaji
    преди месец

    Entire farm is waiting for the winter to see the pumpkin flourish

  31. Kim Ankersen
    Kim Ankersen
    преди месец

    Love you, Devon. You will win. Big future

  32. Alex N
    Alex N
    преди месец

    Shirt should be in the kings move position haha

  33. MKM
    преди месец

    Is the Ottawa practice just in Kanata? Where exactly is it?

    1. MKM
      преди месец

      @Glen Ralph thanks!

    2. Glen Ralph
      Glen Ralph
      преди месец

      Busters at 420 Hazeldean Rd Kanata, ON

  34. Tjasse Martins
    Tjasse Martins
    преди месец

    The man the myth the legend... Devo is wearing that #1 Headband for awhile yet, the Giants carcass will lay at the bottom of the mountain where all the others challenger’s wasted corpses lay. The Pumpkin Lord knows No Mercy

  35. Fred Williams
    Fred Williams
    преди месец

    What is the adress for the club to practice?? Thx!

    преди месец

    Devon vs Ermes in Florida Nov timeframe ....

  37. Javed Shaah
    Javed Shaah
    преди месец

    Aim for Genadi please!

  38. coolhawk2008
    преди месец

    Levan will wait . Your not a old guy yet.

  39. Super Trooper
    Super Trooper
    преди месец

    Devin, have you heard about "palm cooling" or "hand cooling" for increased performance? Maybe something to experiment with inbetween sets or in between pulls.

  40. thomas froberg
    thomas froberg
    преди месец

    Opening up yet they cry DELTA VARIANT to close everything up again

  41. Arcturus
    преди месец


  42. monolithe00
    преди месец

    Pull Ermes!

  43. The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu
    преди месец

    Oh man. Mask is going to dislocate 16 out of 5 fingers on his hand going full-bore into all that mass that is Levan. Matt only have 1 gear - go ham.

  44. Carl Gustov
    Carl Gustov
    преди месец

    Is the Jumbo Poutine replacing the Pancake Diet for Levan????

  45. Fearless Flanaghan
    Fearless Flanaghan
    преди месец

    Keep it up Devon, you're such an inspiration to myself and others. thank you

  46. 4himsanctified
    преди месец

    Oout. ;)... Great to see John back in it. Michael/Devon/Larry doing some great work building the sport

  47. Fearless Flanaghan
    Fearless Flanaghan
    преди месец

    i want that tshirt, dammit im getting that tshirt!

  48. Stephen Morrissey
    Stephen Morrissey
    преди месец

    Can't wait til you beat Levan

  49. J P
    J P
    преди месец

    Hell yeah! Love from New Zealand 💪

  50. Steve Legreid
    Steve Legreid
    преди месец

    Only two weeks to flatten the curve!

  51. The road of the Giant Pancake
    The road of the Giant Pancake
    преди месец

    I can't be the only one that is more interested in seeing Devon against Laletin or Genadi moreso than Levan! Make it happen dude, make some epic toproll battle!

  52. Henry N
    Henry N
    преди месец

    Your shirt😂😂😂

  53. TwistedMusic Videos
    TwistedMusic Videos
    преди месец

    If John again in shape...maybe a 2015 revans?

  54. julien st-pierre
    julien st-pierre
    преди месец

    The practice in Iroquois falls was amazing!! It was awesome to get to pull with you and Matt. Thank you guys for all the advice you gave us and to have taken the time to come all this way up north to our practice. And a big thanks again to you and Matt for signing our tables. 😁 Hearst Lumber Arms

  55. Hyper
    преди месец

  56. Open Gestalt
    Open Gestalt
    преди месец

    3:04 and what is he so super busy with? ...

  57. Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva
    преди месец

    You have to be very brave to go a place away from civilization with the company of Mat insane face, at least when Mat fought against you and against Ermec it was scary xD

  58. Josh Colbert
    Josh Colbert
    преди месец

    we want some practice matches with burrgoin porkchop and the tall bald dude

  59. Happy World
    Happy World
    преди месец

    governments shut things down, not an "killervirus" with survival rate 99,5%

  60. Josh Colbert
    Josh Colbert
    преди месец


  61. tehn00bpwn3r
    преди месец

    What about Chaffee/Levan?

  62. Gaming Utility
    Gaming Utility
    преди месец

    i just realised that its devon on kings card on shirt😂😂😂😂took me long

    1. Richard Morris
      Richard Morris
      преди месец

      Who else???

    преди месец

    Devon please post new video of your training

  64. Lofi Wurld
    Lofi Wurld
    преди месец

    Devon can be new Igor

  65. Fox 8ball
    Fox 8ball
    преди месец

    I gotta go to another fucken country to pull

  66. Fox 8ball
    Fox 8ball
    преди месец

    Devon can you tell these pussies in Scotland to sign up to armbets i need matches 😆💪

  67. Charles Bonny J
    Charles Bonny J
    преди месец

    the king is here👍🏻👍🏻😉

  68. Adam S
    Adam S
    преди месец


  69. 9 circles of MATH
    9 circles of MATH
    преди месец

    you lost a lot of weight looks like

  70. L Z
    L Z
    преди месец

    Isn’t levan pulling Dave in September

  71. RaozSkillz
    преди месец

    Imagine if Devon got his right arm bigger then himself for the Levan match. Now that would be something 😄, Hulk vs The way of the Giant Pump-kin.

  72. Arnab das
    Arnab das
    преди месец

    Chance vs school boy? How's that? 😁 23 vs 20

  73. Dean Morgan
    Dean Morgan
    преди месец

    Devon please please please I am seriously one of your biggest fans I’m 19 from California and truly aspire to to be the best and am following your footsteps like many others. Can I please buy one of those shirts off you I would love to support or buy your Kerch

    1. Dean Morgan
      Dean Morgan
      преди месец

      Merch*. I need that one seriously I’ll fly to Canada to come meet you mark my words

  74. Rohit K
    Rohit K
    преди месец

    I like your tshirt

  75. Malik Usman
    Malik Usman
    преди месец

    Love from Pakistan Devon larret

  76. AKAR x3
    AKAR x3
    преди месец

    🇮❤ 🇾 🇴 🇺

  77. Modern Mallus
    Modern Mallus
    преди месец

    King of ‘really strong’ spades.

  78. d
    преди месец

    Levan looks like the bad guy in a Tony jaa movie. Oh wait he is

  79. gabriel froese
    gabriel froese
    преди месец

    You’re one of the best human being out there👌

  80. Inventor of The Desperation Move
    Inventor of The Desperation Move
    преди месец

    Dont you ever forget who taught you the kings move.

  81. S. Kh.
    S. Kh.
    преди месец

    So cool! Yesterday I was thinking to buy that T-Shirt from No Limits Apparel, but I'm still unsure if there is shipping available internationally

  82. Vitaly Laletin Kings Moving Stud
    Vitaly Laletin Kings Moving Stud
    преди месец

    Nice shirt this stud is going to have to buy one of those.

  83. Engin Terzi s School Of King Move
    Engin Terzi s School Of King Move
    преди месец

    Im so confused first I hear everyone saying your the ambassador of this sport Micheal says and everyone then you beat him and everyone starts saying Micheal Todd is the ambassador of this sport and now your the ambassador again 😂so who's the real ambassador.

  84. Stevan Lazarevic
    Stevan Lazarevic
    преди месец

    Hopefully in Dubai 💪

  85. Adam Owen
    Adam Owen
    преди месец

    Didn't know anything about arm wrestling till you brother nothing but love from the USA

  86. Igor Chicken Wings Mazurenko
    Igor Chicken Wings Mazurenko
    преди месец

    My favorite

  87. jean-roch dion
    jean-roch dion
    преди месец look like you can still kick doors after all this years!! A Beast!! Viens dire salut à Montréal !!👊

  88. Throwback
    преди месец

    Love that shirt.

  89. Throwback
    преди месец

    Armwrestling should be in the olympics

  90. argsgsgs gnngndg
    argsgsgs gnngndg
    преди месец

    the big match would obviously be you against Levan, but i wouldn't mind in the slightest seeing you pull someone like Ermes

  91. Matt Tickle My Limits Larratt
    Matt Tickle My Limits Larratt
    преди месец

    Matt mask is like the best ever tho I swear

  92. Matt Tickle My Limits Larratt
    Matt Tickle My Limits Larratt
    преди месец

    My fuckin hero

  93. jrock2460
    преди месец

    If Trudeau set foot on Matt Mask’s lakeside lot, would Matt invite him into the cottage for dinner or would he make him spend some time in the honeypot?

  94. Bob Evans
    Bob Evans
    преди месец

    When gonna collab with micheal?

  95. YeahClickClack
    преди месец

    Lupkes vs Schoolboy.

  96. Sleight Control
    Sleight Control
    преди месец

    Kool shirt master Devon.

  97. fattymcgee123
    преди месец

    grippler vs shaq, make it happen. again

  98. Kevin L Westerbeck
    Kevin L Westerbeck
    преди месец

    Where do you guys train in Kanata? The Royal oak pub? would like to join

  99. Todd Holt
    Todd Holt
    преди месец

    Devon, you'll win. Levan doesn't speak English so he won't find out about pumpkin pancakes

  100. Conocimiento de sí mismo auto observate
    Conocimiento de sí mismo auto observate
    преди месец

    Hey what's You opinion respect to Alan guerra y wolf Match?